Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Monday, December 23, 2013

Free-mo at Bordentown, NJ Train display

For the second year, Free-mo modules were displayed at the annual Bordentown, NJ holiday train show. This show is a free display of operating model railroads open on weekends from Thanksgiving to New Years. Over 4000 people come through the old city hall building to look at the trains, so it is good exposure for the hobby and Free-mo, which represents scale model railroading amongst the Lionel, American Flyer and other display layouts.

This year a curved layout with a peninsula was fit into the half of the room we were allocated. This allowed some operation and gave the visitors the ability to see and hear trains move freight between the railroad barge and the interchange yard.

Thanks to Mike Prokop and Bob Liberman for coordinating the Free-mo participation and manning the layout for 2 weekends. Modules by Mike Prokop, Bob Clegg and myself were set up.
An overall view of the layout constructed.

Mike Prokop's module featuring street trackage mainline with a spur leading to the yard and rail barge.

The rail barge module representing Camden's rail-marine operations of the 1950s.

A new 90 degree curved module made its debut, allowing us to join one interior section of my module to  the others in the space we had available. It was a close fit up against the window and radiator, but Free-mo showed its versatility again in allowing us a neat layout to display and operate!