Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Springfield and NE Free-mo

So, without planning to do so, I ended up bringing my module up to the big annual Springfield Massachusetts train show. I have attended for a few years now, traveling up with my friend Anton. The New England Free-mo guys asked me to participate in their layout, and after consulting with Anton, the decision was made to join them. It was a great time.

The layout was very large. Two return loops at each end and dozens of modules making up the mainline. My module was situated off of a wye leading down a branch line to a staging yard. Here is a look at the track plan:

New England Free-mo Layout - Woodstown Jct. was located off the wye heading down to the 3 thinner staging yard mini-ml's.

And this was not just a display layout. A full operations plan was set up, all sidings numbered, and switch lists generated for multiple trains to operate in sessions 4 time during the weekend. Very cool, and flexible, perfect for this type of set up where you may be interrupted to talk to the public about Free-mo. It gives some purpose to the layout besides just running trains around from loop to loop. Meets need to be planned, decisions on how to spot and pick up cars, and a sense of really going somewhere with your train for a purpose. Lots of fun!

I ran my i-Car around the layout and also did some flyover video, so use the link below to check it out on YouTube.

All in all a good experience and the plan now is to do it again next year.

My Woodstown Jct. set up within the overall NE Free-mo layout. (panoramic image causes a little distortion)

I brought this nearly completed this MEC snow plow, (still needs a headlight and some additional details). Good thing, we needed it as it snowed Saturday afternoon!