Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Saturday, July 17, 2010

Photo Backdrops

I have been working on the layout during these hot summer months. I'll show a little bit of what has been going on for you now...

I had picked up some CDs of Photo Backdrops at the Springfield show in January and I decided to try and make use of them. These are the ones from Larc Products in New York. I printed on full page labels and then cut them out as instructed. I installed them in 2 places. The first is behind the MEC track between East St. Johnsbury and Gilman. I am pretty happy with how this turned out and I am looking forward to putting some trees and scenery between the backdrop and the track to finish the effect.

The next location I worked on was a new section, a shelf above the existing track at the end of the aisle. I added this to represent North Stratford. I'll detail a little more on how the trains get up to this level in a future post. This was an even longer run, with the backdrop measuring 11 feet I believe. Here is a look at part of it over the Gilman scene below.

I really like how these turned out and look forward to using them on the scenes behind Whitefield and Crawford Notch. I played around with using parts of them behind existing ground foam covered backdrops I installed along the LVRC, and I think this will work well also.


Cam said...

I like the phot back drops. I have been starting on Commercial street Buildings and have been pondering what to use for the back drop. I am heading to Maine in August and plan on shooting thye Portland Skyline so I can put it behind the commercial street buildings. The full page label paper sounds like a really good idea.

Michael Sherbak said...

Those photo backdrops look awesome Mike ! Where can a person get those other than the Springfield Show ?
Mike S in Aiken SC