Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Monday, July 21, 2014

Track in and painted

Just a quick note that the track in Johnson has been finished and I applied my base coat of paint. I like to use Rustoleum Camouflage paint, using the brown color. It dries really flat and has a good railroady brown look. Even without additional weathering this does so much to improve the look of your track work.

Rustoleum camouflage paint in brown, and the block of Homasote to clean the railheads.
After spraying, in a few minutes I use a block of Homasote to wipe the paint off the railhead. Once completely dry I use a cleaning block (brite boy as well as the Woodland scenics block) to clean up and polish the railhead. Then I test run a loco to see if there are any issues. The track is now ready for additional weathering techniques and then ballasting.


Greg said...


With this spray paint how long did it take for the fumes to dissipate?

In the past I have the water based Floquil rail brown.

Mike McNamara said...


Well, I do have a window in my layout area and the area itself is separated by a door to the rest of the basement. I set a fan to exhaust the air out the window. It will depend on how much you spray. The more track painted, the longer the smell lingers. If you are just doing a new siding or 2 and maybe a turnout, like what you see here, it really is no longer noticeable in about an hour. I spray the track, close the door and do something else.

When I did a much longer stretch of mainline, I set up a second fan at the other end of the layout to create an 'airstream' towards the window and the fan pulling the air out. Having the room separated it really does not filter to the rest of the house. I also don't spray very often, and do it when no one else will likely be in the house, just to avoid any domestic issues!