Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Preparing Lyndonville for Ops

Definitely making an effort to do little on the layout each day now as I plan to hold that first Ops Session in June. I turned my attention to Lyndonville, which is where Canadian Pacific Local RS-1 will have work to do. As I am not modeling any other local towns along the CP besides St. Johnsbury, I felt it was important to at least provide a way to pickup and drop off cars here, even if I do not have my full plan in place for how the planned industries will be laid out. That way they will not just have to stay in the train. Like North Stratford, it will be more interesting once I get the rest of the track laid, but for now, it will support the basic operating scheme.

My plan for Lyndonville is as a small industrial park setting, with one track in and a few sidings to serve my industries of IGA (grocery supply), Lyndonville Building Supply, NEK Distribution (various items like appliances that transfer to truck for final delivery, and Vermont Furniture. That is what I have waybills for so far. If anything else can fit, I can look to add ti, but don;t want to overdo it either.

CP RS-1 will come south from Newport and then back its train into the industrial park (as a trailing point). The return trip, CP RS-2 will not work this as it is a facing point fot that train. CP RS-1 will switch the industry sidings as needed, and then depart for St. Johnsbury. In St. J, anything that can be dropped for the through freights 904 and 917 will be done, and any local switching in St. J will be done as well. Then the train will continue south to unmodeled towns East Ryegate and Wells River. In reality it will terminate in the south end staging designated East Deerfield. The return trip, RS-2, will use a different train from staging, made up from the previous session's RS-1.

So for now, I am lightly tacking down some Homa-Bed and flex track to allow RS-1 to drop cars and pick up cars without any local switching in Lyndonville. I need one turnout to accommodate dropping the caboose. The mainline here is on a grade, so nothing can be set out there while switching the park. Here is the start of the temporary track in the triangle shaped area designated as Lyndonville.

Homa-Bed, flex track and a simple Atlas turnout will make up Lyndonville for now. The three boxcars represent spotted cars that will be picked up (or left in place, depending on the waybill). I do not have a card card box for this location yet. Behind the CP RS10 is the CP mainline going downgrade to Newport Staging (where the boxcars go under Gilman). The hidden CV St. Albans yard track can be seen under the Tortoise (well, it will be hidden once scenery goes in), while the Maine Central is up top running through Gilman. 

Another view of Lyndonville where it splits off the CP mainline. Gilman in the background, and above that Beecher Falls, VT, which is beyond North Stratford  (unseen to the left) and served by the North Stratford Railroad (track still to be laid). I don't really have a double deck layout, but it kind of looks that way in this picture!


Jim Fawcett said...

Hi Mike - It took me a little while to get oriented with Lyndonville... I realize that it is on the right in the main aisle on one side of the peninsula, but is that a new bump-out, or has that existed since the original bench work construction?... thanks

Mike McNamara said...

Good memory Jim! Yes, going back to the days before the layout continued around and down the other wall (Whitefield, Crawford Notch, staging), the layout used to simply return back, and the benchwork for Lyndonville did not exist. I realized I wanted some local activity for the CP and I had real estate in that area, so I extended the benchwork out to create the base for Lyndonville. The old benchwork pretty much followed the downgrade CP rail track in the photos.

Geof Smith said...

Hi Mike, as I've noticed while planning to put Lyndonville on my N scale layout, there's really not much there in the way of rail customers and so freelancing something is the way to go. Maybe a siding for a propane dealer?

I'm planning on putting a paper mill in town.

By the way, IGA doesn't have warehouses for their stores. They rely on my employer, C&S Wholesale Grocers, for the food they put on the shelves. There are actually five C&S distribution centers between Windsor Locks, CT and Brattleboro, VT, but nothing north of Brattleboro. C&S does take four or five reefers a week, mostly with fresh produce and fruit.

Mike McNamara said...

Thanks Geof. When I get to doing the buildings there I can go with C & S Wholesale Grocers - has a good authentic sounding name!