Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Some Words for this Wednesday!

In addition to tweaking the Operations and getting ready for the next planned Op Session, I want to get back to doing a bit more actual modeling. Some of this would be making trees and installing them along the backdrop at Crawfords and down through Whitefield, I think having a complete tree line between the tracks and the backdrop will really help give a more finished look to the layout in that area. So I am preparing some Super Tree armatures for painting and flocking.

This area will look better with some trees along the backdrop, even if the foreground is not complete.
I also want to get track in the remaining few areas completed. I'd like to tackle the North Stratford area up on the shelf above Groveton first. Right now Maine Central trains TY-2 and the returning YT-1 simply depart and arrive on a single track here. Adding the interchange with the Grand Trunk and the North Stratford track will mean some work for the crew to do here prior to departing, and then again when returning. It won't take a lot of track either, just a few turnouts and some flex track will do it. So I'm finalizing the track plan there and making a list of track components I will need.

This will be a lot more fun to look at and operate once a little more track is in place!
And finally, I want to address the lack of structures on the layout, and in some cases the replacement of stand-in structures (I'm looking at you, generic Walthers grain mill in Sheldon Jct., looking particularly non-New England!).

To start with I dug out my kit of Crawford Notch station that I acquired, oh...about 20 years ago, and started work on it. It will be located right where you enter the layout area, so it will be good to help get that scene to completion and make a good first impression.

About time I tackled this kit. I was just glad that there did not seem to be any missing parts. Might be tough to get them 20+ years later!
Some filing and sanding of the resin parts and cutting out the window areas to start. Then I needed to take care of some warping by dipping pieces in hot water and laying out on a flat area. Overall a pretty nice kit just a little different than what I have done in the past with wood or styrene. I have competed painting the wall sections green (there are many of these!) to match the depot as it looked circa 1980. A few trim pieces are a light gray. This is just before the more intricate paint job it still wears today that seems to have been applied around 1983. Installing window glass and then on to building up the walls on the base. I'll post more pictures of that as progress is made.

For now though, lots of other Holiday activities, so I probably won't get too much more done until January. And in January I'll have to get the modules ready for the Free-mo layout set up in Springfield MA. Plenty to keep me busy!

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your off to a great start nice layout too