Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Updating Old Web Site

Most of my online postings have been here on this blog, as well as some posts on my Facebook group (Northeast Kingdom Model Railroad), as well as a few posts to the forum. Preceding all of this activity was the web site I created over 12 years ago, I put a lot of my research information on that site and continued to update it and add information over the following few years.

With the ease of use of this blog as well as the discontinuance of the software I used to maintain the website, has been pretty dormant the past 3-5years. I maintain some other web sites, and acquired new software about 2 years ago to easily maintain these web sites. However there was n real easy way to import the old sites. This wasn't a problem for the other sites which were relatively small. It was an easy matter of just building them from the ground up with similar, yet updated, content. The nekrailroad site though was more work, so I just put that on the back burner.

I've decided to put a few hours into updating the site by bringing it over to the new web site software. That work is now in progress, and I have started the update to

The overall look and content will be similar to the old site, but I will be able to update it more easily now, and fill in some new or missing areas. It will better document the layout and be easier to get to a specific topic, and more easily get to research info I have documented.

This will be an ongoing process, so not everything is done yet. The content from the old site will move over a period of time, so I am providing a link to the full content of the old site, as noted on the first page. This can be accessed via

I'll still mainly post updates via this blog, but will probably copy a few things over to the nekrailroad website as well, such as finished work for example.


Geof Smith said...

Great news, Mike! Thank you! Your website is a great resource to us fans of the Lyndonville Sub.


railtrax said...

Hi Mike. I have enjoyed viewing your brilliant North East Kingdom layout & website.
I wish you & your family all the best for a Very Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year.
I look forward to viewing your revamped website & blog in 2017.

Thanyou & God Bless.
Peter Hann. Bordertown. South Australia