Maine Central, Lamoille Valley

Maine Central, Lamoille Valley
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Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Free-mo Layout in Bordentown

The annual Bordentown Holiday Train show again features scale model railroading in the form of a Free-mo layout using modules from the NJ Free-mo group. This year we were able to arrange the layout in our space in a way that supports good operations. the layout features the car ferry module peninsula connected via a 90 degree curve to my Woodstown Jct. module. Due to space constraints my modules are set up without the 2 foot bridge scene. What we did though was use that as a switching lead section off of the car ferry peninsula module set. We had to do some special work to make this fit, and one of the sections of my module set is supported by removing the legs and turning them sideways in order to avoid a radiator. Overall this again showcases the flexibility of Free-mo.

The train show is open to the public for free Fri-Sat-Sun, 4 to 8, the next 2 weekends 12/12 and 12/19. It is also opened for visiting schools during the week helping expose kids to not only the big Lionel and Thomas stuff, but actual scale model railroading. 

Overall view of the layout.

Right after setup, no cars on the layout yet!

Mike Prokop's Camden Ferry peninsula module

Mike Prokop's module section with standard ends, the car ferry peninsula section is off to the right 
90 degree curve "mini-mo" comes in very handy

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E-Mann said...

That looks like a nice layout! Did you run though any switch lists? I would think a simple session would last a couple of hours.

- Eric Hansmann